The children of yesterday

Yup, I had an electronic duet thingy with a friend. Just like Daft Punk or Justice, only better, of course. The name's Los Niños Del Mañana, aka LNDM.

We did three tunes and someone did a remix. The closest we got to a multiplatinum hit was Vitality, which was generally well received by our social circle and kind YouTube strangers.

There's still a few more tunes in my flamant KORG EMX waiting to be uploaded and I manage to put a little time into it every now and then. Baby steps.

Song of Seasons

I miss theatre. It's not my specialization and it differs from cinema, but there's something unique to it. In particular, I have a great memory of Song of Seasons, a modern Greek epic involving Gods, humans, war, mythical snarling beasts with a taste for the latter, and poetry. I was in charge of the sound design, that included proper sound design from scratch using a KORG and my voice.

Three fados and a living room

Fados are a popular melancholic Portuguese style, composed of a guitar and a voice. This minimal format allows to be played anywhere. Traditionally, three fados are played during the course of a meal in restaurants in Portugal.

I was intrigued by this music and its cultural heritage, so I produced a few fados for acquaintances in their very living room. Mind we used a Spanish guitar and one is sung in Catalan.

You can listen to them here:

Free Sound

You gotta share, you gotta care.

I'm a supporter of a more relaxed take on Copyright, such as the one proposed by Creative Commons. That's why I joined, a place where I share my sounds and creations with other users. My profile amounts 200 sounds and growing, and so far they have been downloaded by the thousands.


UOC, the online university I attend, assigned me to do some exercise around video and audio montage.

For some reason, I thought MOS was a German acronym dating from the era of stylish German expressionism. It is not, but that didn't stop me from creating a whole short movie around that and other concepts.

Thus Maschine Operated Silenci was born, which mixes the non-German acronym, expressionism, Brian de Palma, make up, gloving and three languages, and no sound at all, which is a risky choice, but what the heck, I like to live dangerously.


I scored 10/10.